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Video consultations

Available now.  Please email for instructions.

Video Calls

Staying At Home?

The world has changed and we need to adapt to keep ourselves well in current times.

£43 per hour

It's not always possible to get to a clinic to have a treatment, so the next best thing is to have a video call with a professional who can, not only talk you through, but show you how you may be able to help yourself.

A range of self care options are available:

  • Acupressure: in place of Acupuncture, for self treatment.

  • Qigong: for health, gentle, slow exercise designed to improve your joints, muscles, breathing, immune system and calm the mind.

  • Self Massage: to ease tension and relax tight muscles.

  • Breathing techniques: to help relax your nervous system and produce a deep sense of calm and stillness.

  • Meditation to create some space and quiet from continual background overthinking.

  • Tai Chi: as a slow gentle exercise to help reduce tension, avoid injuries and help prevent falls.

  • Martial Arts: for a strong mind healthy body and to build confidence.

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